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Cross-post: Turning Data into Decisions: Transforming public health supply chains using decision support systems

This blog originally appeared on Digital Square’s website and is cross-posted with permission. How do bananas make it from the tree where they grow to your local store? For that matter, how do they seem to arrive just as they are ripening? This is the power of an effective and efficient supply chain. Companies around the world […]

Cross-post: An Intersectional Approach to a Pandemic? Gender Data, Disaggregation, and COVID-19

This blog originally appeared on Data2X’s website and is cross-posted with permission. As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide, so have calls for more reliable, rapid testing for the virus. These tests provide crucial data inputs used to track the spread of transmission and, like any good public health intervention, tailor policy responses. But while […]

Cross-post: Tackling COVID-19: A Problem So Big, You Can See It From Space

The world passed a grim milestone yesterday, as it reached 500 thousand cases of COVID-19. The pandemic is rapidly encompassing nearly all facets of life and demonstrating both how connected the world is and how vulnerable our systems are to shock. For those who have access, digital technologies are keeping us connected to our work, […]

Cross-Post: Leveraging the Digital Principles for the Sustainable Development Goals

On United Nations (UN) Day, October 24th, the UN celebrated its 74th anniversary. For 74 years, the UN has been dedicated to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation, and being a center for harmonizing the actions of nations. In 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for […]

Cross-Post: Living Our Vision: Applying the Principles of Digital Development as an Evaluative Methodology

For nearly a decade, the Principles of Digital Development (Digital Principles)  have served to guide practitioners in developing and implementing digital tools in their programming. The plenary session at MERL Tech DC 2019 titled “Living Our Vision: Applying the Principles of Digital Development as an Evaluative Methodology” introduced attendees to four evaluation tools that have been […]

Cross-Post: Messaging Platforms: Best Practices, Costs, Security, and Privacy

“By 2019, an estimated 3.9 billion people will be using messaging apps (Activate & WSJ Tech). NGOs and the development community have already begun to embrace the opportunity afforded by these platforms to reach more people and track progress and success of their programs.” Led by Maurice Sayinzoga (Digital Impact Alliance), Boris Maguire (Echo Mobile), […]

Cross-Post: Three (Downloadable!) Activities to Deepen Engagement for Digital Development

All activities mentioned below are available for download! Please send any feedback to On November 5-6, 2018, TechChange supported DIAL in convening and facilitating a donor-driven workshop in Dublin, Ireland. Organized at the request of donors to build stronger bonds amongst their organizations and share common challenges and pain points, TechChange helped design two […]

Cross-Post: Operationalising Mobile Phone Network Data for Development and Humanitarian Action

How has mobile network data been used to inform policy? What building blocks need to be in place to leverage mobile phone network data for real-time policy analysis, decision making and impact tracking? UN Global Pulse and the Digital Impact Alliance are excited to host a joint-session at the UN World Data Forum in Dubai […]

Cross-Post: Digital Inclusion: The Role of the Mobile Network Operator in Africa

The original post was featured on GSMA Conference Confidential and can be found here. The Mobile 360 Africa series brings together leaders from Africa’s technology and telecom industries for one of Africa’s largest gathering of technology practitioners. Mobile network operators, donors, development partners, technology companies and startups all convene to engage in thought provoking conversations […]

Cross-Post: Beyond Proof of Concept: do we have the right structure to take disruptive technologies to production?

This blog post is originally featured on the World Bank Group’s Data Blog, found here “Every company is a technology company”. This idea, popularized by Gartner, can be seen unfolding in every sector of the economy as firms and governments adopt increasingly sophisticated technologies to achieve their goals. The development sector is no exception, and like […]

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