New and Improved Tools and Methods for Measuring through the Digital Principles

Looking back to 2015, when the first Principles for Digital Development working group was established, it’s incredible to realize the ways the community has grown: launching with a humble 54 development and donor organizations from the Global North, we now welcome over 270 endorsers spanning an array of sectors. As of June 2021, the Digital […]

Looking back to leap forward: Five years of the Digital Impact Alliance

In January, I announced our new five-year strategy, Digital Beacons. Today, I’m pleased to publish an independent evaluation of DIAL’s work up to that point—what we call “DIAL 1.0”—which is a follow-up to our 2018 baseline ecosystem study. To be honest, as the CEO of DIAL, not all of it is cheery reading. The team, […]

Learning as we go in a fast-paced digital world

For the past five years, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) has taken a human-centered design approach to our programming, including building, testing and conducting research with our partners, making data-driven adaptations, and sharing our learnings with actors in the larger digital ecosystem (NGOs, donors, governments, mobile networks operators, technology specialists). This approach required our Monitoring, […]

Deciphering DIAL’s Impact on the Digital Ecosystem, Staff Spotlight: Scott Neilitz

More than ever, evidence and its use in evidence-informed policymaking and decision-making is increasingly crucial. Recently, the organization Evidence Action made waves in the non-profit world when they completely restructured their “No Lean Season” program (which aimed to give small subsidies to farm workers in rural Bangladesh so they could migrate to urban areas for […]

What the Evidence Shows: Challenges and Opportunities for ICT4D in 2019

Earlier this month, DIAL published the final report of our Global Digital Ecosystem Study. In talking with tech specialists and representatives of NGOs, donor organizations, mobile network operators, and governments, we gained some great insights into the current state of the ICT4D sector. In an upcoming blog, I will discuss the experience and lessons of this study from […]

Staff Spotlight: Zach Tilton on Technology’s Impact on Peace and Development

To celebrate today’s International Day of Peace, Zach Tilton, evaluation specialist for the Digital Impact Alliance, reflects on his time working in peacetech and his career journey to leverage technology for peace and development. As a young child, I remember sitting on my dad’s lap watching the green and black interface of the MS-DOS screen […]

Guest Blog: Evaluating ICT4D projects against the Digital Principles

As I have written about elsewhere, we need more evidence of what works and what doesn’t in the ICT4D and tech for social change spaces – and we need to hold ourselves to account more thoroughly and share what we know so that all of our work improves. We should be examining how well a […]

A Critical Time for Digital Development: DIAL Launches the Digital Ecosystem Survey

Today, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) launched a survey of the global digital development ecosystem – the first of its kind. We are conducting research to be able to measure changes in the successes and challenges of funders, NGOs, governments, mobile network operators, and technology specialists across the digital development ecosystem. Based on the community’s […]

Cross-Post: From Farm to Phone to Table: A Case Study Series Explores the Impact of Digital Tools on Agriculture

Cross-Posted from NextBillion Over the past 10 years, and particularly over the past five, the use of mobile phones and internet-enabled, digital tools in farming activities has skyrocketed. Today, the smartphone or tablet is no longer seen just in the developed world; at least one mobile phone now sits in the pockets or hands of […]