Procurement of Digital – DIAL guidance now available

In our last blog on public procurement we outlined our findings from a series of stakeholder needs analysis interviews we conducted, suggesting there is often a disconnect between the aspiration of national governments to deliver digital services to their citizens and the suitability of the public mechanisms available to them to achieve their digital transformation goals. We heard regularly throughout the stakeholder interviews that the opportunity to engage in cross-jurisdictional discussion and […]

A ‘Special Edition’ Newsletter from DIAL

Today, DIAL published a Special Edition of our e-Newsletter. We have been hard at work repurposing and disseminating resources for governments and organizations in the global development community to use in their COVID-19 response efforts. We do not know how long this crisis will last, but DIAL does have resources that can help with response; enhancing decision-making in order to improve health outcomes, bolster disaster […]

Moving Forward: The Need for Better Data

The digital age has led to enormous opportunities across the world and sub-Saharan Africa, but also significant challenges. This is an installment of a new DIAL insights series that explores some of these cross-cutting issues and offers practical recommendations for expanding the cadre of software developers across sub-Saharan Africa. Read the full series here The […]

Climate Change: The Most Pressing Crisis of Our Generation

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has called climate change the most pressing issue of our time. He’s not wrong. Millions are already affected and have even lost their lives to the devastating weather patterns caused by warming global temperatures, glacial melting, drought, and wildfires. This year, on the 74th Anniversary of the founding of […]

DIAL at the United Nations General Assembly

Some events DIAL attended:   Broadband Commission Beyond 2030  Annual meeting of the EQUALS Global Partnership  Executive Lunch Briefing on Digital Transformation for UHC 2030 Coalition  Contracts for Data Collaboration Workshop  Concordia Annual Summit  The Case for Good ID Reception  SDGActionZone Lightning Talk and Exhibition  Data for Health Equity: Unlocking Health for All Last month, the […]