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Daniel Amewor

Communications, Digital

Based in: Ghana

Daniel Amewor


Daniel is a seasoned digital communications, marketing, and partnerships professional, with a proven track record of leading successful digital campaigns and delivering impactful initiatives in the tech4good, ID4D, tech4dev, and the broader digital development space. With his expertise in digital content, events, media, PR and social media, he excels in crafting compelling stories that evoke responses from targeted development audiences.

Passionate about how technology can be used to solve everyday problems, Daniel finds inspiration in the diverse applications of digital initiatives across various development verticals. He is intrigued by the potential of robust digital public infrastructure in creating trustworthy and more efficient societies globally.

Daniel holds an academic background in Psychology and an MSc in International Business. He joins the Digital Impact Alliance to lead its wider digital communications initiatives across multiple regions. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess and refining his proficiency in other languages.