Our global impact statement

Every day, country leaders face barriers to delivering essential digital services to their population.

Even though 95% of the world’s population is now within reach of a mobile broadband network, one in three individuals who could go online don’t due to the high cost; no access to devices; or lack of awareness, skills, and purpose. At least 390 million people have no possibility at all of connecting to the internet.

The Digital Impact Alliance is working to provide guidance to digital development leaders on how to better shape their investment strategies and address these obstacles. This goes beyond just tech. We work closely and collaboratively with partners to foster the political will to streamline services, introduce new policies, and make sure governments can sustain these vital technological developments. We are committed to overcoming these barriers and to leaving no one behind in the pursuit of digital equality.

Even with the hurdles we face, we’re actively reconfiguring how the world of digital transformation operates and making sure that investments go to the right places in the right ways. Data is not unambiguously “good.” Having all the data in the world would not solve the issues that we are tackling. We do the important work to find and utilize the right data, applying our expertise where it is most needed.

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