One Pager: Proven Software and Technology

In today’s world, software platforms can meet the varied needs and desires of billions of underserved people. Unfortunately, building, implementing and maintaining software is a difficult and expensive business. The Proven Software and Technology team at DIAL works to expedite the deployment of proven software platforms to make it easier for anyone to integrate technology into development programs. This includes collecting and sharing best practices to make the process as seamless as possible.

DIAL delivers on this commitment through three core programs:

  • Addressing cross-sector ICT (information, communications and technology) software and existing platform gaps
  • Open Source Center
  • Principles for Digital Development

DIAL also provides practical, relevant how-to guidance and resources to development practitioners, including implementing organizations (international and humanitarian NGOs), donors and country governments to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs.

DIAL’s overall goal is to enable those who work on critical software platforms and applications in the international development and humanitarian sectors to develop and deploy more sustainable, robust and interoperable systems.

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