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Country impact

No two national digital transformation journeys are the same, which is why our team works directly with governments, donors, and other key stakeholders. We support an individual country’s unique digital ecosystem in order to understand and ensure people have access to the trusted digital tools they need.

We develop tools and research in order to share best practices and inspire country governments to take the next steps towards a positive digital future. Offering exemplars of evidence-based, innovative approaches helps ensure country efforts leverage existing hard-earned knowledge. The goal is digital transformation that is efficient, sustainable, and at scale with data governance and protections as a default.

We work hand-in-hand with government officials to develop new policies and improve those that exist. With our partners, we’re setting the wheels of digital progress in motion and demonstrating shared political will on the international stage.

Global visibility helps our country partners secure additional strategic partnerships and increase critical resourcing for their envisioned digital public infrastructure development. With increased support, they can enable whole-of-government enterprise architecture that leverages GovStack Building Blocks’ digital payments and identification systems, and digital portals to provide access to life-enabling government services for all.

Behind every door opened by our national policy and strategy work is good data governance and an emphasis on putting people first. We pair this work with data use assessments and strategies and advocate for the adoption of digital public goods, trusted people-centric frameworks, and best practices such as the Principles for Digital Development. These efforts allow for trustworthy, data-informed government decision-making that can be repurposed across sectors for greater benefit to people and communities.

The journey to a positive digital future starts with country governments, and our mission is to connect them with the evidence and support they need to build digital tools that work for them.

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Good data governance

To make data-informed decisions, country governments and their digital ecosystems must first know how to use and govern data. Find out how we help them learn to do so.

What makes "good" data governance?
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Mobile-enabled services

How do digital services reach everyone, everywhere? See how our team works to expand the availability of mobile distribution channels primed to deliver these services at scale.

Learn more about mobile-enabled services
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Data for impact

What does it look like when governments successfully leverage data and mobile distribution channels for disease surveillance, disaster response, food security, health programs, and more? Our case studies and data impact stories bring these hard-won achievements to life and provide guidance for others to do the same.

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