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A positive digital future is in our reach

At the Digital Impact Alliance, our vision is of world where everyone, everywhere can access the trusted digital tools they need to fully participate in society. These digital tools can be anything from a digital wallet accessible on mobile, to accessible educational materials and learning opportunities, to streamlined medical records in a universal healthcare system, and beyond. These tools, whether accessed by top levels of government or everyday individuals, can be designed to improve the lives of all people.  

We believe we can achieve this ambitious, yet important, vision by connecting leaders and policymakers from around the world with evidence and tools for the right technologies, policies and practices that work for all people and drive collective prosperity. 

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How digital infrastructure can improve lives

Digital infrastructure is difficult to contemplate or contextualize. Here are some examples of how sustainable, inclusive digital infrastructure can impact the lives of people across the globe.  

  • Malawi used data to deploy 900 new health care facilities – ensuring that 95% of people now live within a 5km radius of primary health care. 
  • Mozambique used digital and data to reduce the number of people affected by cyclone-induced flooding by 82% within three years. 
  • Uganda is using satellite imagery to increase crop yields strengthen the agricultural sector in a country where 85% live in rural areas.   
  • Diia, Ukraine’s unique digital one-stop-shop enabled millions fleeing from the war to access essential government documents and public services. 

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