To create an equitable world, we must shape a shared vision for a safe and accessible digital society. Here's how we can do just that.

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For a positive digital future

We believe in a world where everyone can get access to life-enabling services.

We believe digital technology – safely deployed – is the key to making that vision a reality for everyone, everywhere.

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Today, we are facing another digital leap. The Covid-19 [pandemic] has put digital technologies higher in our agendas than ever before, it has boosted the development of innovative digital tools…Online education and distance learning, telemedicine and remote healthcare, digital authentication and signature, Covid-19 applications – these are just a few examples of digital responses to the issues we all face...

We do not need to invest in new, duplicative and costly digital developments, but follow on from what is already in place.

— Public remarks by former Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets, Estonia

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