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Data governance

In Machines We Trust?

Data is widely regarded as an asset for furthering social cohesion and equity, ensuring national security, and delivering public services more efficiently. However, it has different economic value…

Data governance

How India is Reimagining Consent to Empower People

As governments build out identity, payment, civil registration, and other foundational layers of digital public infrastructure (DPI), civil society organizations, privacy advocates, and…

National digital transformation

Our global impact statement

Every day, country leaders face barriers to delivering essential digital services to their population. Even though 95% of the world’s population is now within reach of a mobile broadband…

Data governance

Digitization is transforming countries. But is it being done right?

Digitization has enormous potential to catalyze development and improve the lives of tens of millions around the world through access to financial services, health care, and education.  Equally so,…

Insights and Impact

Governing Data to Support “Good” Digital Transformation: Leadership Series Brief #4

For the fourth in our series of Leadership Briefs, we focus on the opportunity to leverage data for more effective and transparent public services. DIAL’s work to promote “good” digital…

Insights and Impact

The Digital Drivers Template: A Reflection on Kenya’s 20-Year Digital Transformation Journey

As part of its five-year strategy, the Digital Impact Alliance partnered with Dalberg Advisors to conduct a study to capture and evaluate the common drivers of digital transformation in exemplar…

Insights and Impact

How can digital public technologies accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals?

This is the 174th paper of the Brookings Institute’s Global Working Paper Series, which examines and analyzes some of the most pressing development and economic challenges facing the…

Insights and Impact

Comparative Analysis of Digital Transformation Funding and Financing Models

In recent years, national digital transformation agendas of low- and lower-middle-income countries (LLMICs)—which include a broad range of interventions from connectivity infrastructure to…

Insights and Impact

What is ‘good’ digital infrastructure? Measuring digital infrastructure to maximize development outcomes and mitigate risks

This is the 167th paper of the Brookings Institute's Global Working Paper Series, which examines and analyzes some of the most pressing development and economic challenges facing the world. It was…

Insights and Impact

Building blocks for a new U.S. posture on digital development – from bilateral response to multilateral coordination

This paper is part of the Beyond Connectivity dossier created by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung to discuss pathways to a needs- and values-based approach to working with partner countries for digital…

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