About the Digital Impact Alliance

We work hard to understand what is driving national digital transformations, so countries can accelerate access to life-changing technology and trusted innovations for all.   

We dig deep, looking for compelling evidence of what works. We push, we innovate, we test. We find the best digital solutions and pass them on. 

We make sure everyone benefits from the power of trusted digital technology. 

Our vision and mission

We believe in a world where everyone can get access to life-enabling services.

We believe digital technology – safely deployed – is the key to making that vision a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Our initiatives

We build global political will, advocate for inclusive tech policies, and nurture communities of practice.

Because to create an equitable world, we must shape a shared vision for a safe and accessible digital society.

Our research

We produce in-depth reports, practical guidance, and actionable insights, helping people working at forefront of country-led digital transformations navigate the complex choices they are faced with today.

Our people

We are a diverse team of technologists, researchers, community builders, communicators, and program management experts, committed to making our vision a reality – and so is our Board.

Work with us

We are always on the lookout for people to join our global team of dedicated professionals working towards a positive digital future.

We offer opportunities to collaborate, partner, and support in a collective mission.