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At the Digital Impact Alliance, we believe everyone should benefit from the power of data and digital technology.

Digital transformation is moving at breakneck speed. So, we focus our energy on the opportunities – and issues – that need the most attention.

Today, that’s how data can be unlocked to help people get access to services; policymakers make informed choices; private sector innovation to flourish; and in all ways, fuel trust and empowerment.

We dig deep, exploring digital public infrastructure and how getting it right can help data to flow. We work hard to understand what effective system design looks like and what essentials safeguards are needed.

Though our research and products, we share insights, foster conversation, and aim to build consensus – and political will – among funders and policymakers on good digital public infrastructure.

Ultimately, we look at the impact on people and communities – and advocate for a positive, sustainable, and equitable digital future.