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Founded in 2014, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), is committed to a world where data and technology serve people, society, and the planet. To make this vision a reality, we work to ensure that technology is designed, implemented, and governed to empower people in ways that foster participation, trust, and choice.

Three ways we’re doing that:

  1. Through our Africa Data Leadership Initiative (ADLI), we coalesce African policymakers, researchers, technologists, and consumer rights advocates to share knowledge and experiences of critical operational and/or policy solutions to ensure the data economy meets African aspirations. This peer-learning network and policy lab has proven to be crucial, with the African Union recognizing ADLI as a critical mechanism for capacity building around good data governance in Africa.
  2. During India’s 2023 G20 presidency, we served as a knowledge partner to promote best practices around trust, inclusive, and equitable digital public infrastructure. Among its main objectives, the Indian government focused on digital development as a driver of social and economic progress, in particular, digital public infrastructure (DPI). This culminated in the first ever multilateral consensus on DPI, providing an international framework outlining best practices for technological design, implementation, and governance. 
  3. Through our country engagement work, we’ve helped countries fast-track their digital transformation efforts. Most recently, we partnered with leaders in Sierra Leone, helping establish a framework for their national digital development strategy, as well as shape the foundational policy, strategic, and technical documents that now steer the country’s digital trajectory.

From research to country engagement, our impact comes from fostering strategic partnerships and collective action.

At the Digital Impact Alliance, we act as a thought partner, global convener, and ecosystem builder. We use our expertise to ensure digital donors, policymakers and development actors have the information and tools they need to make informed choices when implementing new digital technologies, data-sharing systems, and governance models.

Today, we have two key areas of focus:

Digital public infrastructure. We seek to understand, measure, and document DPI’s impact for people and communities. Such efforts help ensure that DPI tools and solutions effectively drive inclusion, innovation, and economic competition.  

Good data exchange. We identify and promote data-sharing models that drive positive social and economic progress. Through these efforts, we are helping close the data divide so that people everywhere are able to meaningfully benefit from the information they produce. 

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The Digital Impact Alliance is staffed by a range of technologists, researchers, and policy specialists. Our lead voices can offer perspectives on issues such as thoughtful system designcritical safeguards, and data’s power to tackle climate change, to name a few.  

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