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There's no good technology without good policy.

We strive for both.

Across the world, data and digital technology are being used in creative ways to make life easier – and better – for people. For example, in the Philippines, government agencies have begun leveraging GPS data to help manage traffic flows and reduce congestion. And, in Sri Lanka, farmers benefit from S.E.E.D Hub, a data-fueled digital service providing text message advisories for planting and harvesting, weather forecasts, and crop pricing.  

But as digital transformation accelerates, safeguards are more crucial than ever. This is particularly true when it comes to data.  

With the constant flow of new technologies, security concerns invariably crop up – from invasions of privacy to improper data usage, among others. To reverse this trend, we must implement effective policies to unlock data in ways that prioritize the benefits to all individuals and communities, rather than a handful of powerful actors.  

To that end, we work to connect decision-makers with the expertise needed to shape policy and regulatory frameworks that enable:

People around the world feel empowered by technology and their ability to use it to improve their lives.
People have access to and agency over their data.
People understand their digital and data rights and trust that they are protected.

Our policy team works to make good technology governance a reality.


From advancing trusted data ecosystems to championing inclusive AI and beyond, our policy work spans many elements of digital transformation. But the common theme throughout our work is simple – people. We make sure to prioritize their rights and aspirations, by advocating for policies and safeguards to protect against privacy violations, data breaches, and erosion of trust. And, just as importantly, we encourage others at the forefront of digital transformation to do the same.


To do this, we work as conversation starters, thought leaders, and conveners to drive discussions and foster shared learnings on some of the most pressing opportunities – and issues – . We bring together technical experts, government leaders, and development professionals across the world to promote informed decision-making and practical, creative solutions for positive digital transformation.

Today, our focus areas include:

Communities of practice

We identify and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing effective digital transformation and, more importantly, how to solve them.

Climate Data Joint Learning Network

This network brings together experts with a diversity of knowledge, insight, and expertise to explore the necessary technical and institutional conditions for trusted data exchange for climate response.

Principles for Digital Development

As a compass for positive digitalization, the Principles for Digital Development are a valuable resource for organizations across the globe.
We’re not simply conversation starters, we’re also changemakers.

Through our policy work, we strive to make an impact every day. Not only are we a convener of critical conversations, we’re also a driver of change.

We build political will and align funding among key players in the digital ecosystem – including policymakers and digital development donors – to make our vision a reality. Most importantly, we prompt concerted action, helping to foster a future where digital transformation benefits everyone, everywhere.