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We use our technical expertise to help curate digital solutions to real-world problems.

As more people globally connect to the internet, governments and private sector organizations have a tremendous opportunity to harness the power of data and digital technology to improve the quality of life for all.

Yet today, governments and implementing actors often rely on – or only have access to – short term digital solutions targeted at a single use case. As a result, these solutions – while implemented with good intentions – fail to address the range of needs people and communities have and the challenges they face. There is a significant missed opportunity to utilize digital solutions and systems that are interoperable, and can offer society-wide benefits.

So, how can those working on digital transformation help foster a world where:

People have access to a range of digital services that meet their multifaceted needs, are easy-to-use, and trusted.
Governments have the tools and resources available to design and implement systems that work for all people.
Digital solutions are sustainable for people across time.

Digital technology can be transformative. We make sure it’s thoughtfully designed.


Our team of technologists research, analyze, and catalog digital solutions and tools that actors across public and private sectors can use in their quest for positive digital transformation. Our efforts center around understanding and promoting effective digital public infrastructure and trusted data governance.


We encourage ways that deliberately consider and promote people’s rights and aspirations, and we spend time looking at how the technology layer of digital public infrastructure can be designed, built, and governed to empower people.


We care about interoperability, effective systems design, good standards, and most importantly, sharing what we learn along the way.

We’re passionate about good technology architecture – for the good of all people. Right now, we focus on three main areas:

Learning and sharing.

We take the time to understand exactly what successful digital public infrastructure looks like, and how it can best be designed and implemented.

The Digital Impact Exchange.

Designed with users in mind, the Exchange is a one-stop shop for digital development practitioners to access the resources they need to do their jobs more effectively.


GovStack provides technical blueprints and curates high-impact use cases so that countries can rapidly discover, procure, and implement cost-effective and efficient digital public services.
Our work makes it easier for others to do theirs.

Today, government leaders face a dizzying array of fragmented options and siloed efforts as they work to move critical public services to digital. Civil society practitioners face the challenges of limited resources and a crowded landscape of vendors and tech service providers.  

Our technical work helps to reduce silos, increase efficiencies, navigate the pitfalls of vendor lock-in, and make government technology more cost-effective for everyone involved. This means that governments and other actors can more easily build the digital systems and services needed to improve people’s lives and help communities thrive.