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Country engagement is a two-way street.

It helps us help others.

Countries across the world have pledged support for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aiming to advance a more prosperous, inclusive, and equitable world. Data and digital technology are key tools that can meaningfully accelerate progress towards these goals, helping tackle climate change, build gender equality, and enable access to essential services, such as education and health care.  

Yet today, the benefits of digital transformation are felt unevenly across the globe.  

While some countries enjoy vast amounts of compute power, effective digital tools and services, and well-integrated digital public infrastructure, others suffer the effects of deep digital and data divides. To reverse this trend, investing in targeted capacity building, knowledge sharing, and digital infrastructure development in countries at risk of being left behind is crucial. This includes providing access to training and resources, fostering collaboration, and nurturing local digital innovation and growth. Such efforts will support these countries to leapfrog traditional development stages and accelerate their digital transformation. 

So, how can country leaders and development actors work together to make sure:

People across the world can benefit equitably from digital transformation.
People play an active role in the decisions around digital technology, including when and how to use it.
Policymakers maintain a shared vision of data governance by promoting digital best practices.

Every country faces unique challenges and opportunities.

In our work, we consider both.


At the Digital Impact Alliance, we recognize the vast potential and promise that Africa holds. This potential is rooted in the continent’s vibrant youth population, rapid urbanization, and accelerating technological adoption, which together create a unique opportunity for digital transformation to drive economic growth, social development, and innovation. 


Our work is fundamentally grounded in the unique realities of each country we collaborate with, tailoring our support to address their specific needs and goals. We acknowledge that every country on the continent has its own distinct digital transformation journey, and we are committed to supporting them along the way. 


Most importantly, because we understand that learning is a two-way process, we embrace an environment of exchange to gain valuable insights and knowledge from our country partners. 

Our work in Africa spans many different facets. Some examples include:

Harnessing mobile data in Malawi.

We helped develop a trusted model to harness mobile phone data in Malawi, which was subsequently utilized to try to ensure much of the population lived in a 5 kilometer radius of a health facility.
Our impact comes from fostering strategic partnerships to drive collective change.

At the Digital Impact Alliance, we work with funders – policymakers, government actors, and development partners – to support target countries within Africa to advance their digital transformation journeys. Specifically, we help them delve into the most pressing opportunities and challenges; facilitate workshops, peer-learning networks and knowledge sharing activities; and connect local changemakers to good practices and tools so they can make the best decisions for every individual.

We promote the development of robust data exchange systems, research effective data sharing models, and advocate for trusted data governance and participatory processes. Through these efforts, our ultimate goal is to empower people – from individuals to governments – with data-driven decision making and foster a more equitable, sustainable future for all.