Mobile Distribution Channels

Expanding the availability of mobile distribution channels primed to deliver SDG services at scale

There is great potential for mobile-enabled services to reach the underserved, whether in the case of humanitarian crises like Ebola and Zika, or to meet development goals like providing more maternal and child health education.

However, many of these services have not scaled beyond the pilot stage.

We believe that lack of awareness of what mobile channels and platforms can do, as well as the inability to work together effectively to leverage economies of scale, may be the largest roadblocks.

DIAL’s work focuses on:

  • Building Awareness of Mobile Channel Capabilities and Platforms

  • Increasing Visibility Among Implementers

  • Testing Innovative Procurement and Financing Mechanisms

Building Awareness of Mobile Channel Capabilities and Platforms

DIAL builds awareness among implementers of mobile distribution about channel capabilities (e.g., SMS, USSD, voice, internet-enabled messaging), the platforms that can integrate them (e.g., WhatsApp), and best practices on how they can be used to deliver development services.


Increasing Visibility Among Implementers

DIAL increases visibility among implementers of platform partners’ capabilities and their respective abilities to deliver to channels and geographies at the national, regional and global levels.

Testing Innovative Procurement and Financing Mechanisms

DIAL builds tools and tests innovative financing and procurement approaches that leverage the power of aggregated mobile channel demand from the development sector.


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