Steven Holmes, Vice President of Innovation and Electronics, Rivian

Steven and his team are responsible for delivering critical electronic subsystems and innovations required to make Rivian electric vehicles reliable, versatile, and fun to drive.  Prior to Rivian Steven was responsible for developing products and technologies that would enhance and extend Intel’s product portfolio into new areas of consumer electronics and IOT to position the company to compete and lead new growth markets going forward. 

Prior to joining Intel in June 2012, Steven delivered an extensive list of award-winning products. As product director at Nike, Inc. he launched Nike+ Fuel Band*, Nike+ Training and Basketball*, and Nike+ GPS SportWatch*. As Vice President of Product Design for Palm, Inc., he developed the critically acclaimed Palm Pre* and Palm Pixi* smart phones. 

At Apple, Inc. Holmes led the product design teams responsible for professional desktop computers and servers and led the mechanical design of the iconic Apple G4 Cube*. Additionally, he managed the San Jose design team at Flextronics and was instrumental to the success of two startups: Zing, purchased by Dell Inc., and Intuitive Surgical, the leader in minimally invasive robotic surgery. 

Steven earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and his master’s at Stanford in Mechanical Design.