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We aim to unleash digital potential with purpose. Discover our values.

Every day, our experts are guided in their work by our values, collectively developed by our team to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization, and in the everything we do. The Digital Impact Alliance extends special thanks to Tina Ajuonuma and The Better Org for their partnership in creating these values.

  1. We believe holistic digital transformation occurs when countries are empowered to develop their own resources and design their own strategies.
  2. We create systems that transform our vision for inclusion into actions that drive the impact we would like to see.
  3. We believe that empathy, with each other, with our partners and communities we support, builds trust which is key to creating transformative change.
  4. We believe that thoughtful collaboration is essential for creating ideas that work.
  5. We believe that staying curious fuels learning and continuously improves our collective ability to create better outcomes for all.
  6. We are intentional about our commitments, we are purposeful about our actions, and we own the impact of the work we do.
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