Responsible Use of Network Data

Ensuring responsible, widespread access and use of network data for SDG decision-making

The ability to access and use mobile network operator data sources to improve development service delivery to the underserved has been a goal of the development sector for more than a decade. Numerous pilots show this promise.

DIAL is building on current knowledge by investing in three mutually reinforcing programs:

  • Demonstrating D4D analytics and data models

  • Developing and deploying a common data architecture

  • Strengthening the ecosystem’s ability to deploy D4D programs

The goal of our work is to improve access to network data, empower the digital development ecosystem to use this data to inform its decisions and promote responsible and transparent use in a sustainable manner.

Demonstrating D4D Analytics and Data Models

DIAL is currently running several projects in Africa, working with government ministries and regulators, MNOs and data analytics platform providers and global development organizations.

Current initiatives are focused on health and agricultural sector data as a starting point to understand what insights matter and test alternative operational, contractual and security best practices required to scale the use of data consistently across development projects.

Watch our latest video, “Our Data Work in Malawi,” here.

Developing and Deploying a Common Data Architecture

DIAL invests in leading open source data analytics platforms (e.g., Flowminder, OPAL) to effectively and efficiently deliver services that country governments, development and humanitarian actors could leverage in their programs.

DIAL and Flowminder partnered to create FlowKit, an open source software tool designed to enable access and analysis of mobile data for humanitarian and development purposes.

Strengthening The Ecosystem’s Ability to Deploy D4D Programs

DIAL is developing a common learning agenda with key partners, including GSMA and private-sector actors, to leverage collective efforts in identifying which market, operating and governance models will deliver the most impact in the D4D sector.

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