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FlowKit: Unlocking the Power of Mobile Data for Humanitarian and Development Purposes

While the commercial world routinely uses mobile data to do everything from targeting food purchases to optimizing one’s route to work, the humanitarian and development sector lags behind in optimizing service delivery with mobile network data. Despite the fact that 5 billion people—71 percent of the population—are currently connected to the mobile internet, the data generated from cell phone use is still a novelty for most humanitarian and development organizations due to policy concerns about user safety and the lack of turnkey product solutions.

To address a key part of this problem, DIAL and Flowminder have partnered to create FlowKit, a suite of opensource software tools designed to enable access and analysis of mobile data for humanitarian and development use cases. 

This white paper introduces the key features of FlowKit, providing detailed examples of how these tools assist humanitarian and development actors to improve decision-making and achieve impact.