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Accelerating National Digital Transformation: Leadership Series Brief #1

The concept of national digital transformation has been gaining currency across the digital ecosystem and promoted by a diverse range of actors. However, there is no agreement on what digital transformation looks like at the national level or how to harness its promise while mitigating potential harms. Nonetheless, global discussions on the topic should go beyond simply defining what it means and instead involve concrete policy proposals that could make such transformations more achievable. 

Key Takeaways:

  • National governments are the stewards of their digital agendas, leading cross-sectoral investment and coordination 
  • Whole-of-society approaches build ownership and can help support inclusive design, mitigate risks, and establish sustainable accountability 
  • Regional harmonization around shared policies, platforms, and peer learning accelerates country growth by strengthening negotiating power and economies of scale 
  • GDAs, specifically donors, should make cross-sector digital transformation investments aligned with national and regional strategies