What We Do

Digital development faces barriers with policy, people, products, and pricing.

To over come these barriers, DIAL’s approach is to Accelerate national digital transformation; Build global cooperation; and Connect, support, and scale proven solutions. DIAL’s overall approach is governed by our commitment to put the Principles for Digital Development into practice, leave no one behind, and respect human rights. Digital transformation approaches must be grounded in the responsible use of digital and data solutions to achieve social impact. DIAL’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning approach will continuously assess our progress in living these principles.


Accelerate new exemplars of low- and middle-income countries pursuing a whole-of-society approach to digital transformation and responsible data use.






Build with partners a global movement that aligns the financing, training, and measurement approaches that global development actors use to support country-led digital transformation.






Connect, support, and scale proven solutions for faster uptake and adoption by governments and service providers.





COVID-19 Response

  • DIAL and partners have created a list of resources that can be used during this critical, global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • DIAL has developed a starter guide on how to use mobile network operator data as part of a country’s COVID-19 response. We hope it serves as a useful resource for governments and intermediaries. Access the guide here.