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Communities of practice

Today, around 193 countries are reimagining how trusted digital technology can improve the essential services they provide to people and communities.

Their digital transformation journeys and experiences are unique. But one thing remains universal: everyone can learn from and support each other.

We build and nurture global communities of practice, so we can collectively:

  • Put people and their needs at the center of national digital transformation efforts.
  • Advocate for safe and inclusive policies and practice.
  • Build trusted spaces for collective knowledge sharing and capacity building.
  • Support national digital transformation and responsible data usage in low- and middle-income countries.

African Data Leadership Initiative

Today, tech companies, large organizations and corporations largely benefit from the immense amounts of data being created. Most individuals have limited access to their own data and the ability to use or share it – let alone to benefit from it.

To ensure that the data economy drives equitable growth and social progress, we set up the African Data Leadership Initiative – also known as ADLI – with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and Smart Africa.

As a dedicated peer-to-peer forum, ADLI fosters deep exchanges and learnings between policymakers, private sector stakeholders, and people working in innovation and data economies across Africa. It aims to explore current and future issues related to data governance, data sharing, consent, and policies, which can be best understood and solved through sharing real-world examples and experiences.

Digital Donors Exchange

Everyone should benefit from the power of trusted digital technology. Yet today, billions of people around the world remain unconnected and left behind.

The Digital Donors Exchange, or DDX, is a community of global digital development funders who are committed to improving the lives of all people through harnessing that power.

We created DDX as a space for peers to help each other navigate the complex choices they are faced with across funding, project design, governance, and most importantly, how digital technology can build a more equitable world.

Digital Principles Endorsers

Digital technologies have the potential to increase reach, cost effectiveness and efficiency across development programs in education, health, agriculture, and finance, among other sectors.

But there remain significant barriers to ensure that impact is fully realized by all people.

The Digital Principles Endorsers is a community of over 300 international organizations, civil societies, and governments who believe in and support the Principles for Digital Development: nine living guidelines designed to help realize the full potential of digital technology in development programs and maximize the impact for people and communities everywhere.