Proven Software and Technology

Expediting the deployment of proven software and technology through investments in software platform and capacity development

Building, implementing and maintaining software is a difficult and expensive business, even under the best conditions.

DIAL confronts these systemic and seemingly intractable issues through three programs:

  • Identification of cross-sector ICT4SDG software and existing platform gaps

  • Support for the maturation of open source software platforms used in humanitarian and development programs through the Open Source Center

  • Capacity improvement through stewardship of the Principles for Digital Development and easy-to-use “how-to” guidance

Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) platforms and gap analysis

Working with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), DIAL published an analysis of available software platforms across sectors to inform donor and country-level digital investments, minimize duplication of efforts and promote the re-use of proven technology. The methodology and requirements will be validated in select countries.

Watch our latest video on the SDG Digital Investment Framework here.

The Open Source Center (OSC)

The OSC provides technical, community and financial support and guidance to developers of open source software for humanitarian and development programs.

DIAL and OSC partners co-invest in both software projects and human capacity to improve the ability of the development sector to incorporate software platforms into their programs for the underserved.

The Principles for Digital Development

DIAL advocates for policies in digital development and builds sectoral capacity, acting as a steward of the Principles for Digital Development.

This work includes creating ‘how-to’ products like “Beyond Scale: How to Make Your Digital Development Program Sustainable,” which provide practical advice to development practitioners.

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DIAL-ITU SDG Digital Investment Framework

This framework helps countries make smarter and more strategic decisions in their ICT investments.

Towards a More Gender-inclusive Open Source Community

This research provides recommendations on how different stakeholders can work together to build a more inclusive open source environment.

Beyond Scale: How to Make Your Digital Development Program Sustainable

This free online guide for NGOs details key challenges and potential solutions when scaling and sustaining digital development programs.

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