SDG Digital Investment Framework and Call to Action

We’d like to hear from potential partners, future colleagues and others with a shared interest in advancing digital transformation within their organizations to support a whole-of-government approach to ICT investments. Please contact us here.

DIAL and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) conducted new research to help countries make smarter and more strategic decisions in their ICT investments. Through in-depth study of the agriculture, education, and health sectors, the DIAL/ITU team identified critical technology needs that can be served by the same, generic ICT applications and established a framework for using them.

We invite countries to take a whole of-government approach to investing in digital technology. The SDG commitments made by 193 countries were set to “transform our world” by 2030. Countries’ ability to achieve this goal is dependent on innovative uses of ICT services that can make existing programs more effective and scalable to better serve their population.

To learn more about our call to action and the framework that informs it, check out these resources:

Download the SDG Investment Framework


Download the Call to Action


Download the French translation of the SDG Investment Framework


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