Digital government services are vital for fostering economic growth, promoting trust in government institutions, and addressing people’s foundational needs. Governments often struggle to keep pace with digitalization due to budget constraints, difficulties in coordination between agencies, and siloed investments.  

GovStack — a community-driven initiative and open-source project — accelerates the development of sustainable and people-centric digital government services by creating the first global toolbox for e-government.

We are out to prove that e-government infrastructure doesn’t have to be expensive to build and maintain — or complicated to use — for civil servants or citizens.

The initiative creates a common framework and technical practice for developing reusable and interoperable digital components — so-called building blocks — needed for the digital transformation of government. These digital building blocks are easier to customize, combine as needed, and scale across multiple use cases, and therefore reduce the cost, time, and resources required to create digital services or applications.

In addition, GovStack works with partner governments and implementing organizations on roadmap development, technical prototyping, and capacity building.