SDG Building Block Demonstration

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the world’s shared plan to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet by 2030. Targeted and responsible use of technology can help the world make greater strides towards meeting these goals and DIAL is committed to providing more tools to digital ecosystem actors to do that.

This demonstration video was created to walk users through the Building Blocks Approach that was outlined in ITU and DIAL’s SDG Digital Investment Framework. The Building Block Approach is a way to build technology solutions using smaller, re-usable software components rather than developing a single stand-alone product to address a specific use case. The SDG Digital Investment Framework and online “Building Blocks”-focused Product Registry support digital ecosystem actors – whether it’s governments, NGO development agencies and/or donors – to make coordinated digital investments and facilitate the reuse of digital solutions across sectors.  In this demo video, we show how 6 different building blocks relate, using 4 open source software products to create a technology solution that can be used to address multiple use cases. We highlight how to use these tools to address SDG 1 “No Poverty”, Target 1.3 as well as SDG 3 “Good Health and Well-being” , Target 3.1, using a single system that can provide the necessary functions to support both social protection workers and remote health workers.

[NOTE: The generic workflows in this demo video are financial services, registration, and data collection. The Building Blocks demonstrated are shared data repository, registration, data collection, payments, information mediator and workflow algorithm.]

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