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Promoting Mobile Sector Engagement in Malawi

In February 2019, the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) convened a one-day Mobile Engagement Workshop in Lilongwe, Malawi, bringing together 55 people from over 30 organizations.

The workshop welcomed government representatives (from health, agriculture and ICT agencies) and the private sector (national mobile network operators TNM and Airtel, local and regional mobile aggregators, local innovation hubs as well as industry associations. Additionally, there was senior representation from the development sector including implementers, multi-lateral agencies and development partners. 

The key objectives of the workshop were to build understanding and to facilitate communication between the mobile and the development sector, through an interactive format which include panel sessions from both the development and mobile sector, collaborative product development sessions as well as sample “pitching” exercises to the telecom operators.

We’ve put together an overview of the key highlights, which includes:

  • Focus of the workshop and major themes
  • Call to action to collaborate on these themes as a community
  • Summarized feedback from workshop participants – with details on what participants expected, what their major concerns were, what they learned, and what they would like to continue engaging on
  • An overview of the workshop day itself, presented in pictures
  • List of participants and organizations