Digital Impact Alliance 2018 Annual Report: Advancing Digital Inclusion to Achieve the SDGs

At DIAL, we are committed to supporting the digital development ecosystem as it moves from a world of disjointed technology building blocks to the institutionalized use of digital technology. Our team works with a range of actors, such as governments, private companies and global development organizations, to address challenges that impede services from becoming more accessible to people more quickly.

2018 marked DIAL’s second full year of delivering against our early strategy. Over the past 12 months, we made strong progress organizationally and programmatically. At the board’s request last October, we streamlined and reduced early program efforts; delivered foundational outputs in both software and data analytics platforms; conducted in-country research; and investigated capacity-building tools that support the digital ecosystem’s ability to roll out new programs.

Read about our three main portfolios and their corresponding programs designed to change the cross-cutting themes of product, pricing, policy and people.

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