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The Digital Drivers Template: A Reflection on Kenya’s 20-Year Digital Transformation Journey

As part of its five-year strategy, the Digital Impact Alliance partnered with Dalberg Advisors to conduct a study to capture and evaluate the common drivers of digital transformation in exemplar countries, such as Kenya, and develop the Digital Drivers Template.

The Template highlights these common Drivers for global use across six focus areas: People, Infrastructure, Enabling Platforms and Services, Business and Innovation, Policy and Regulation, and Governance.

The Drivers themselves are not exhaustive, but rather key change factors that emerged from both stakeholder insights and the literature review as being catalytic in driving digital transformation.

This resource was developed with national digital transformation decision makers in mind: it was designed to help them tell the story of their own national digital transformation journeys, assess progress, and use related insights to prioritize areas for investment or policy action in their own countries.

The Digital Drivers Template reflects upon existing frameworks in the sector—such as those employed by the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, Kenya’s Digital Economy Blueprint, and Smart Africa—and incorporates the insights of stakeholders from these organizations. The Template further draws on findings from the Digital Impact Alliance and Dalberg’s literature review and indicator analysis to identify key change factors that drive digital transformation.

This study was supported by the Digital Access Programme of the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office of the United Kingdom.