One Pager: Mobile Distribution Channels

The potential for mobile channels to help deliver services to the underserved and support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals across multiple sectors has been well documented. However, many of these service-delivery projects have not scaled beyond the pilot stage, falling short of the potential reach and impact of mobile channels. DIAL believes that lack of awareness about mobile capabilities, platforms and players, coupled with the inability to leverage economies of scale within the development and humanitarian sectors increases the time-to-market, costs, and scalability of products and services.

To address this, DIAL is engaged in a series of activities to:

  • Build awareness of the ability for mobile channels and platforms to deliver at scale
  • Increase the visibility of delivery partners’ capabilities
  • Test procurement and financing mechanisms that leverage aggregated mobile demand

DIAL is deeply committed to producing products and services that are practical and impactful to implementers in the field. Our team provides ongoing technical assistance in select markets as a means of socializing, testing and improving our tools and approaches.

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