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DIAL produces, curates and disseminates evidence-based products packaged with easy-to-understand guidance so that country governments, technology companies, the development community and other implementers can quickly use them to inform ongoing efforts to fund, design and deploy digital services to more people. Jump in and learn about our latest publications and releases.

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Proven Software and Technology

Announcing Catalog of Digital Solutions Release: Playbooks, Enhanced Filtering, Seamless Product Page Editing, and More…

The first quarterly release for the Catalog of Digital Solutions is now live! Today we’re launching several improvements that will make it easier to discover data across the SDG Digital…

Insights and Impact

Comparative Analysis of Digital Transformation Funding and Financing Models

In recent years, national digital transformation agendas of low- and lower-middle-income countries (LLMICs)—which include a broad range of interventions from connectivity infrastructure to…

Insights and Impact

What is ‘good’ digital infrastructure? Measuring digital infrastructure to maximize development outcomes and mitigate risks

This is the 167th paper of the Brookings Institute's Global Working Paper Series, which examines and analyzes some of the most pressing development and economic challenges facing the world. It was…

Insights and Impact

Building blocks for a new U.S. posture on digital development – from bilateral response to multilateral coordination

This paper is part of the Beyond Connectivity dossier created by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung to discuss pathways to a needs- and values-based approach to working with partner countries for digital…

Proven Software and Technology

Training Module Video Series: The DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz9D8A8X8hKZdUAW66TkDkfpH86PFXlQW The Catalog of Digital Solutions is an interactive online resource that supports strategic decision-making for a wide range…

Proven Software and Technology

Video: The DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-4j3kvT6aE The Catalog of Digital Solutions is an interactive online resource that supports strategic decision making for a wide range of stakeholders by making…

Insights and Impact

Using Mobile Phone Data for Health Decision-Making: Malawi’s Data-Driven Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2017, DIAL, Cooper/Smith, and Infosys embarked on a collaborative effort with the Malawi Ministry of Health and the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority to demonstrate how mobile network…

Proven Software and Technology

Four Uses of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

As digital technology becomes more commonplace in development programs, the importance of freely available, accessible, and trustworthy data on these tools becomes a critical link for…

Insights and Impact

Public Procurement of Digital Technology: Leadership Series Brief #3

For the third in our series of Leadership Briefs, we share some learnings from two years of work on public procurement of digital technology, drawing on DIAL's Benchmarking Study and Category…

Proven Software and Technology

Announcing the Launch of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

If you are a global development actor (GDA), then you know the challenges in finding reliable data on digital tools and implementations. Data can empower users, save time and resources, reduce…

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