Training Module Video Series: The DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

The Catalog of Digital Solutions is an interactive online resource that supports strategic decision-making for a wide range of stakeholders by making data on digital technologies accessible and reusable. It is a collaborative platform that aids users in the discovery and evaluation of digital technologies. Additionally, it tracks where these tools have been implemented and provides guidance for specific use cases.

Whether you are a project leader trying to determine if you should leverage an existing software platform or develop something new, a donor organization trying to coordinate investments across different sectors, or a government minister trying to understand what tools and platforms have been deployed in a specific country context, the catalog can help provide necessary information to support decisions around technology initiatives.

To inform decision-making and greater coordination in digital investments, planning, and implementations across sectors, DIAL has produced a nine-part series of training modules to ensure donors, governments, procurers, and implementers have the knowledge they need to make the most out of the information and tools the Catalog has to offer.