Our people

Connecting everyone, everywhere with the trusted digital tools they need to fully participate in society is a big job. A successful digital future is one where everyone benefits from the power of trusted technology, so these digital tools need not only to be safe, but accessible and available to all as well.

Digital transformation requires that we work closely with our partners to define and meet the wide-ranging accessibility and availability needs of digital tools from country to country — even community to community. We dive deep to understand how these tools are an important part of daily life. We recommend technologies and solutions to truly benefit the collective needs of society.

Our team and board are made up of experts and professionals of varying disciplines united behind a people-first approach. We strive to share knowledge, advocate for the issues we care about, provide technical guidance, and engage in peer exchanges that promote best practices.

We also like to think of ourselves as not only experts and professionals, but as people who are passionate about building a digital future as inclusive, equitable, and empowering for others as we hope we’re building for ourselves.

Our team

Creating a positive digital future takes all sorts of contributors. Meet the technologists, researchers, strategists, communicators, community builders, and program management experts working together to realize our vision.

Our board

Our team stands on the shoulders of digital development giants. Their deep and diverse expertise provides a clear view of the journey ahead. Meet our Board, who are committed to building a better future.