Rachel Lawson, Community Strategist, GovStack

Rachel Lawson has been working with communities of practice, especially open source projects, for over fifteen years. Helping communities to welcome and mentor new members, to promote community health, to encourage and support new community leaders, and to develop effective governance and sustainability have become Rachel’s key areas of interest.

Rachel joined DIAL in December 2021 and is working with the GovStack community to  reach the next level of engagement with stakeholders and the wider community.

Prior to DIAL, Rachel held diverse roles across Education, Defense, Pharmaceuticals and nonprofits, learning much of her community skills as a mentor, core mentoring coordinator, and community working group member of the Drupal open source project.

When not working, Rachel can usually be found planning or enjoying her next overland adventure on her motorbike – 25 countries across 4 continents so far, where’s next?