Caitlin Flattery

Four Uses of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

As digital technology becomes more commonplace in development programs, the importance of freely available, accessible, and trustworthy data on these tools becomes a critical link for development initiatives. Without data, Global Development Actors cannot discover and evaluate digital public goods (DPGs), compounding existing ecosystem challenges, such as the fragmentation and forking of source codes, duplication of effort, and the intensification of sectoral siloes.   The UN Secretary […]

Announcing the Launch of the DIAL Catalog of Digital Solutions

If you are a global development actor (GDA), then you know the challenges in finding reliable data on digital tools and implementations. Data can empower users, save time and resources, reduce duplication of effort, and improve the response to crises. However, quality data is hard to access and many GDAs struggle to find data that […]

DIAL’s Recommendations for the Consultation of Civil Society with Member States in advance of the 2nd Preparatory Committee Meeting for LDC5

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at the United Nations Foundation appreciates the opportunity to submit our comments on the zero draft outcome document for the Consultation of Civil Society with Member States in advance of the 2nd Preparatory Committee Meeting for LDC5. In line with our Digital Beacons strategy, DIAL encourages Member States and the […]

New and Improved Tools and Methods for Measuring through the Digital Principles

Looking back to 2015, when the first Principles for Digital Development working group was established, it’s incredible to realize the ways the community has grown: launching with a humble 54 development and donor organizations from the Global North, we now welcome over 270 endorsers spanning an array of sectors. As of June 2021, the Digital […]

Putting the Principles to the Test: Exploring the Causality between Digital Training and Digital Transformation

The Principles for Digital Development are commonly touted as best practice guidelines in digital development, but do they support digital capacity building, and in turn, national digital transformation?  This year, with backing from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) Digital Access Program (DAP) and evidence from the 2019 Digital Principles Training Needs and Landscape Assessment report, the Digital Impact Alliance Digital (DIAL) is testing this theory by exploring variables that drive digital […]