Matt Haikin, Senior Manager, Insights and Impact

Following 15 years working with ICTs as a tool for social impact in the United Kingdom, Matt completed a masters’ degree in ICTs for development. Since 2012, he has been applying this knowledge base to the international development sector. Matt combines his strategic outlook with direct technical expertise, enabling him to support organizations in understanding how best to apply ICT to development problems to improve the impact and effectiveness of their work.

Matt has worked as a practitioner, researcher, evaluator and consultant for public, private and voluntary/civil society sector organizations both large and small. He has also as a social entrepreneur. Matt has developed a particular niche in the exploration of digital citizen engagement, using ICTs to enable people to participate meaningfully in the political sphere and participatory design, engaging people directly in the creation of the technology they use and that affects them.

Matt holds a Master of Science in ICTs for development from the University of Manchester and a Bachelor of Science, Engineering in computing science from Imperial College London.