Tanvir Singh Natt, Delivery Manager

Tanvir is responsible for assessing and mapping the technical capabilities of mobile provider partners in meeting the needs of the NGO sector, as well as helping his team identify opportunities for driving platform integration within the ecosystem so there is a more seamless experience for the provisioning of mobile connectivity within digital services in emerging markets.

Before coming to DIAL, Tanvir worked with Airtel as the key technical driver behind the launch of various services targeting the underserved in the mHealth, mInsurance, mWomen space across Africa. At IMImobile he planned and executed business strategies as well as identified and established strategic partnerships with Airtel Africa, solution providers, content providers, and third-party vendors, including Tap2Bill, which was an open API aggregator platform allowing service providers seamless integration to Airtel.

Tanvir has more than 15 years of experience managing and designing both commercial and social impact solutions in the mobile space, working with top players in the mobile service industry and MNOs in Africa.